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The Basilica of Santa Maria ad Martyres

The Chapter of Santa Maria ad Martyres welcomes you to this extraordinary place, which today constitutes the most unparalleled and best preserved monument of ancient Rome but which is also a place sacred to God, a place of reflection and research. Since 609 the Basilica of Santa Maria ad Martyres, better known as the Pantheon of Rome, has been used for the praise of God, the personal and public prayer of the faithful, the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist. We hope that this visit will be a highlight for you and that as a tourist it will give you the opportunity to become a pilgrim.

Opening time

The Basilica of Santa Maria ad Martyres, the Pantheon of Rome, is open every weekday from 9.00 to 19.30. Sunday from 9.00 to 18.00.

On weekday holidays the Basilica remains open from hours 9,00 to ore 13.00.

It is closed on the following days: January 1st and December 25th.

Entrance ticket

Entrance ticket of € 5.00 to be paid using the official platform of the Ministry of Culture or on site.

Due to its singular history, Rome holds a unique artistic heritage, which flourished largely in the context of the experience of the Christian faith and the city is a destination for religious pilgrimages and knows huge tourist flows and the Church of Rome, through its pastoral bodies, it must also take care of the people who in Rome are looking for testimonies of authentic beauty and of a rich history with a Christian connotation, but also indebted to other traditions and cultures.

The Diocese of Rome, therefore, considering the universal value and uniqueness of the architectural structure of the Pantheon as peculiar, which over the centuries have made it a completely unique place of worship, necessarily open to a wide use also by scholars and researchers, agreed in the introduction of the entrance ticket whose proceeds are divided between the Ministry of Culture and the Diocese itself as follows:

  • to the extent of 70% in favor of the Ministry, which will bear the costs of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and cleaning, also taking into account any requests for interventions that could come from the Chapter;
  • 30% in favor of the Diocese of Rome for the performance of: charitable and cultural activities and maintenance, conservation and restoration of state-owned churches present in the territory of the Diocese of Rome.

– Warnings – To avoid long queues outside the Pantheon and illegal price increases, the Chapter recommends that you first purchase the entrance ticket on the official platform of the Ministry of Culture or contact the usual tourist agencies


Visitors’ clothing must always be suitable and respectful of the sacred place, also with regard to the use by visitors outside the hours reserved for the exercise of worship and religious activities.

Entrance for the faithful

Personal prayer Pilgrims who want to freely access for prayer during the hours of access with a ticket will be accommodated in the Winter Chapel, suitably escorted and supervised by a unit of the Ministry's assistance body. In the case of groups of more than 25 people, they must be staggered into sub-groups. Religious celebrations and pastoral events of an artistic and cultural nature. Entrance to celebrations and pastoral events of an artistic and cultural nature is always free. It will be the responsibility of the Ministry to provide adequate information to visitors regarding the suspension of tourist visits during religious and cult activities, freely planned by the Chapter. During religious and cult activities, the cash desks inside the Pantheon are to be considered closed and tickets will not be sold until the end of the scheduled time for the activity.

Tourist - pilgrim

Considering that the Basilica of the Pantheon is normally open to the public, as well as for the exercise of worship, also for the religious visit of pilgrims and visitors, it will be the responsibility of the Chapter of Canons of the Basilica to internally organize all the pastoral reception and care activities of visitors and develop the “From tourist to pilgrim” project. The Chapter will make available to pilgrims the possibility of freely benefiting from a series of pastoral aids which allow them to get to know and visit the Pantheon as a place of Christian worship. The subsidies that will be made available will not be offered for sale; only a possible free offer will be allowed for them. The offerings serve for the usual care of the exercise of worship, for the pastoral activity of welcoming pilgrims and visitors and for covering the pastoral and charitable expenses of the Chapter itself.

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